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Re: Update re: read-only root filesystem

> Packages that still employ variable files in /etc/ include:
> mount, ifupdown, dhcpcd, linuxlogo, ppp, util-linux.
> Fortunately, some of the files can be replaced by symlinks.
> See my README file at
>     http://panopticon.csustan.edu/thood/readonly-root.html
> for (incomplete) information.
> Many thanks to the maintainers who have been supporting
> this effort.

Many thanks for your efforts too - I successfully swicthed to ro / with
these advices (the only strange thing related to mount is that I can see
the .journal ext3 file in / despite the fact that /dev/root is marked ext3
in /proc/mounts - remounting the / again solves this strange behaviour)

A last remark: should/when will we consider that writing to /etc is a

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