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Re: Bug#197907: ITP: quark -- an audio player, for geeks, by geeks.

On Thursday, Jun 19, 2003, at 00:30 America/Denver, Sven Luther wrote:
I have almost a ready package, i just now need a fine short description.

How about:

simple audio player with detachable GUI

It's not perfect, I know. This sounds pretty nifty, actually, but hard to categorize.

But this still doesn't sound quite right, and doesn't mention the second
advantage, which is a bit difficult to express in a simple phrase

The other thing to remember is that the short description is just a hook. It doesn't have to mention every distinguishing feature of the package, or else xemacs would never have been uploaded. :) Just attempt something catchy (which my contribution isn't, really), and leave the full description for the appropriate section.

-=Eric (xemacs user, BTW)

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