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How to ask Upstream for clarification of "under the same terms as Perl itself" license


I have just had a package rejected by ftpmaster because the copyright
file contained
|This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
|modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See
|/usr/share/common-licenses and /usr/share/doc/perl/copyright.

ftpmaster basically says that this cannot get into Debian until
Upstream has clarified the license which is at the moment unacceptable
for Debian.

This must be a new thing since 10 % of the lib*-perl Packages on my
reference system have that reference to "the same terms as Perl
itself", and since this mistake is so common, I am pretty sure that
some of you have a boilerplate message for the Upstream authors in
hand to ask them for clarification of their license.

May I ask people to share these messages so that I can use them to ask
Upstream? If I word them myself, I probably couldn't avoid some
asr-style kind of biting sarcasm which probably wouldn't make Debian
look very good.

Marc, slowly tired of jumping though hoops to get packages accepted

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