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Re: Every spam is sacred

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003 12:11, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> false positive rate of as high as 2 per day by some estimates, do we
> as a body consider it acceptable if some percentage of Debian
> developers:
> 	1) Don't receive a mail message from a fellow Debian developer
> 	because they unfortunately got caught by a false-positive
> 	(perhaps they got renumbered onto a bad SPAM address, or they
> 	were roaming on a wireless from a conference or during
> 	business travel) and important mail that related to Debian
> 	business gets lost?

There is no excuse for this.  Access to servers that are not in spam lists is 
well available to Debian developers.  I tunnel my outgoing mail through a 
server in Melbourne no matter where I am, this avoids all issues of spam 
blocking by IP address.  I offered accounts on a choice of machines to be 
used for such purposes for any Debian developers who have no better options, 
but so far no-one has taken me up on this offer.

The technical ability to perform such tunneling is assumed, compared to Debian 
development tasks tunneling TCP connections is trivial.

Your point about mail from users is fair, but as every Debian developer has 
the ability to notice DNSBL's and work-around them there should be no problem 
in that regard.

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