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Re: Every spam is sacred

Xavier Roche <roche@httrack.com> a tapoté :

> Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> > This is a philosophical issue, and I understand there are those who
> > think that DNS blocking lists are wonderful.  But I at least am glad
> > that the Debian admins have chose to use an approach such as
> > spamassassin, rather than DNS blacklists.
> Limited DNS blocking IS wonderful. There ARE networks only specialized
> in spamming, and clearly identifies as rogue (see SPEWS for example)
> We will never block any innocent people with these lists.
> But I also admit that other lists might be harmful depending on
> their use. It's just a matter of selecting the proper list to filter,
> to score..

Anyway, at @gnu.org, spamassassin is doing a wonderful job since it's
installed (previously, some list was critical with almost 50% spam),
and no complains from innocent people.
And it applies to all @gnu.org and @nongnu.org address, important
mailing list or not, mailing list or mail addresses.

Filtering mail one by one to detect if it's spam depending on it's
content is way more clever than blocking a whole network because of a
supposed past, observed by other people.

And it's philosophically acceptable for more people. 


Mathieu Roy
  Not a native english speaker: 

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