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libpng status update

The new libpng packages in incoming, version 1.0.15-4 and,
have been built with versioned symbols. I have tested successfully their
binary compatibility with several commercial distributions. Thanks
Marcelo for the patches.

For those not familiar with the situation, it means that, as soon as the
necessary libraries depending on them are rebuilt, you can build
packages depending indirectly on libpng10 and libpng12 simultaneously.
For example, you could build a GTK+ 1.2 app using libpng12 or

If you still encounter PNG version mismatch errors in applications, they
should be solved by rebuilding the corresponding libraries.

All of this will hopefully make the transition to the next libpng series
much easier, while allowing to transition to libpng12 some stuff that
was stuck to libpng10 by GTK+ 1.2.
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