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Re: automake/autoconf/libtool -- convince me

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> James Troup <james@nocrew.org> wrote:
> > Andreas Metzler <ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org> writes:
> >> Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
> >> [invoking autoconf/automake... at build time instead of shipping the
> >> results in the diff]
> >> Quoting autotools-dev/README.Debian.gz
> >> | And it wastes CPU time in auto-builders, too. Do recall that some
> >> | architectures are very slow (m68k, for example), and that any wastage
> >> | of auto-build time is a severe problem for Debian as a whole (it
> >> | delays packages from moving to Debian testing, for one!).
> >>
> >> This might not be a very strong argument but it holds.
> > No, it doesn't.  It's a stupid argument[1].  I can guarantee you that
> > slower architectures (and I maintain buildds for one of them) will not
> > notice the noise of autoconf/automake in the big picture.
> Thanks for the correction, I'll try to get this pasragraph removed.

Done, at least in autotools-dev.

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