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Re: Packages file under version control

Glenn wrote:
> If we put the Packages file under some sort of version control (e.g.
> cvs), bandwidth requirments would be minimised as cvs automatically
> takes care of diff's and patching, and i assume the CPU load from cvs
> server is a lot better than rsync. 

FWIW, the xproxy system (package xproxy-http) can be used for this.
Basically, it acts in a client/server way.  The xproxy client runs on
your local network, and acts like an HTTP/1.1 proxy server.  The
xproxy server keeps an history of the pages (here Packages files), and
only sends the required diffs to the xproxy client (using an
rsync-based algorithm).

Now the problem is, this package is currently non-functionning.  It is
distributed as part of xdelta2, which does not build with g++3
(http://bugs.debian.org/178525), and I'm in need of C++ experts to
help with fixing that.  See that bugreport for details.

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