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Re: automake/autoconf/libtool -- convince me

Joey Hess wrote:
> - I prefer to keep my diffs as small as possible. I expect users and
>   upstream authors to read these diffs, and if they're huge the
>   important changes will be lost in the noise. I don't want to give
>   upstream authors the impression that I am forking or making huge
>   changes to their packages. I see 140k compressed diffs if autotools
>   are run in the tree once, vs 8k diffs if they're run every build
>   time and cleaned up after.
> - This entirely avoids the problems of lurking rules in generated Makefiles
>   that decide to wake up on m68k and unexpectedly run the autotools
>   (which are not present, or fail) because of stupid timestamp issues.
>   Yes, I know about AM_MAINTAINER_MODE, but see above points about diffs 
>   and autogenerated files.

I forgot to mention in here that it also avoids entirely the problems of
keeping config.sub and config.guess up-to-date.

see shy jo

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