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Re: Newcomer

Jason Victor wrote:
I'm Jason and I'd like to help Debian. First of all,
the skills I hope to offer are translation (English
<-> French <-> Spanish), any writing that needs to be
done, and package maintenance. I have been reading all
the information for newcomers, and I'm trying to
figure out where to start.
The site says "Finally, if you see an area that you
can help with, and it involves being a registered
developer..." Does one start by going through the
process to become an official Debian Registered
Developer? If not, where do I go to start helping, and
when should I apply for that?

I'm in the exact same boat (except I don't know French and Spanish). I hope to provide some package management and GUI design skills. I'm mostly interested in making Debian more accessible to newbies.

If anyone has any advice for Jason, I'd like to see it also.


- Joel

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