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Warning: you may be using a chronically stupid virus scanner [Was: WARNING: YOU MAY HAVE SENT A VIRUS to dstewart@smf-law.com]

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 09:10:33AM -0400, Email_Support@iNET-Systems.net wrote:
> Our email virus scanner has reported that you sent an E-mail to 
> dstewart@smf-law.com, containing the : W32/Sobig.C@mm virus in the 
> documents.pif attachment.  The subject of the E-mail was "Re: Submited 
> (004756-3463)".  

> The E-mail containing the virus has been quarantined on our mail 
> server and was not delivered to prevent possible infection.

Good for you!

> Please check your attachment file for viruses and resend the email.  
> An email notification has also been sent to the dstewart@smf-law.com.

Please check your virus scanning software for a "don't send stupid
warnings to people who were not responsible for the virus's
transmission" setting.  The most prevalent email worms on the Internet
today not only fake the From: headers, they use legitimate addresses of
uninvolved parties to do so.  Virus notifications should *not* be sent
to the return address contained in the infected message; they should be
sent to the administrator of the network from which you received the
message.  Virus scanners of the sort you're using contribute to the
general noise on the Internet without doing anything to stem the
spreading of viruses.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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