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Re: Managing package sources with subversion?

Joey Hess wrote:

- cvs2svn works ok, but can be _very_ slow. Be prepared for significant
  archive bloat too. I also had to run it three times due to some
  subversion bug that I have supressed memory of.

I didn't bother importing all the history of tn5250 from CVS into Subversion. The old changes are still in CVS if I need them.


- After I imported mooix into subversion, I went back and de-munged all
  the tags generated by cvs-buildpackage. cvs has limits on tag names
(no periods allowed) so you probably have ugly tags like debian_version_1_01 and so on. You can use svn mv, pointed directly at
  the repo, to rename these tags to debian_version_1.01 or whatever you
  feel is appropriate.

I eventually decided that there was no particular reason to use the tags directory for Debian versions, and created a new "debian" directory:

% svn ls file:///home/repos/debian/tn5250
% svn ls file:///home/repos/debian/tn5250/debian
% svn ls file:///home/repos/debian/tn5250/vendor

The branches and tags directories are both empty.


  Or you can use subversion's nice fast export command to get a clean
  export without the .svn directories and build in there. Note that svn
  export copies the tree, including any uncommitted changes, which is
  both good and bad. You can use it while offline. I'm probably going to
  switch to using this technique.

Ooh, I missed this option for svn export.  Thanks.

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