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Re: /etc/hostname

Balazs GAL wrote:
> Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> > (from /etc/hosts)
> >       bohr.local bohr localhost
> >    bohr.local bohr
> This is a broken setup, and it will break many apps.
> Use it only, if you really _should_ use it as a workaround.

Why do you say it is broken?  What apps will it break?  Strictly
speaking I think it is fine, although not a configuration that I use.

> The right one:
>       localhost
>    bohr.local bohr

On a laptop with a sometimes disconnected PCMCIA network card you
might find this very inconvenient.  The first configuration above will
always use the loopback address and will always be able to talk to
itself even if the network is offline since the loopback is always

But this second configuration requires the network and will fail in
the case that you have taken it offline.  On laptops that is not a
desireable situation.  Even in the desktop environment there are cases
where users will take the network offline creating a similar
situation.  Applications should be able to handle either configuration


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