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Call for Linux Developers


 I have the distinct pleasure of being in the position to add two developers 
with strong linux (preferably Debian/GNU) and/or  C/C++ experience.

 Some understanding of at least one of these areas will also be helpful:
   * embedded architectures
   * driver writing
   * video/audio processing, recording, playback, etc.
   * graphical, web-based, and text/curses style user interfaces

 Additionally, we need someone local to Portland, Oregon that can be here on 
site .... ah, would tomorrow be ok?

 The pay isn't great, and the hours for the month will be long, but its a 
great opportunity to work on an open source project for a cool device with 
some really good people and has potential to lead to more generous 
compensations in future; should we succeed, there will be a second and more 
capable version of the device produced as well.

 The contract offered is $2400 for one month; I would like to bring in two 
people as soon as possible. 

 Please feel free to respond to me directly via email, come into the office at 
the address listed below tomorrow, or call me at the corresponding number.

Thanks very much,  
Erik Winn
Project Leader


Redcellx Software
333 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 100
Portland OR, 97204
TEL: (503) 295-9680

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