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Re: Managing package sources with subversion?

I know I've tried to keep packages in Subversion but the time stamps are
not updated on export which caused problems with autoconf scripts for

This bug is not expected to be solved for version 1.0 so I abandoned the
idea for now.


* Marcelo E. Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org> [030530 15:02]:
> Hi folks,
>  I was looking for some pointers about managing package sources with
>  subversion.  I've got a grasp of the basics and I have looked at a
>  couple of examples (most notably Branden's SVN repository for the
>  XFree86 packages).  My main concern right now is migrating an
>  _existing_ CVS repository which is being managed with cvs-buildpackage
>  to SVN, but I'd appreciate other tips.

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