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Re: LDAP adduser/deluser

On Tue, 27 May 2003, Zed Pobre wrote:

> > Could you elaborate on what ways yours works better than the original
> > adduser?  I'm sure Roland would love to hear about functionality
> > improvements, and I'd certainly be keen for any improvements to the
> > LDAP-specific code...
>     My version will iterate through a list of users, has a "quiet"
> mode that fills in only minimal information automatically, and instead

Bulk creation would probably be a good thing for adduser to have anyway, and
the "quiet" mode (not really quiet, I'd say non-intrusive, perhaps <g>)
would be a good complement to that.  If you can turn them into patches to
adduser, I'm sure Roland would be appropriately interested.  I don't have a
need for them directly myself, and I'm a bit snowed to be triaging general
patches for adduser at the moment.

> of calling chfn, produces questions that better represent the kind of
> information you can store with the cosine and inetorgperson schemas
> (first name and surname are split up, for instance, and you can tell
> it to ask additional questions about departmental code, title, etc.).

Now *that* might be something to integrate into the LDAP support.  It does
suck mightily that you've got to install a hacked chfn from ldap-utils to
make adduser work, and the superior user info storage in LDAP *should* be
utilised better.  I'd be interested in your scripts for that functionality,
if nothing else.

>     Since I still have a need to better handle bulk account creation,
> I'm contemplating adding in support for automatic password generation
> in the next day or two as well.

I've never had to deal with bulk accounts myself, but wouldn't it generally
be better to either have the password specified in the list of accounts, or
leave the account disabled until it's manually enabled by an admin or

>     Okay, should I be sending my scripts to you to look at, then?

I'll certainly have a look at them, but I probably couldn't do too much with
anything except the LDAP support.

- Matt

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