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Re: Maintaining kernel source in sarge

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On Monday 26 May 2003 22:20, Yann Dirson wrote:

> If you mean, whether it can handle something like "Architecture:
> !ia64, !hppa", well, not yet, although it could be done.  But that
> would mean stopping the use of make-kpkg-level architecture support,
> just like it does not use make-kpkg-level kernel-version support.

Actually, I was thinking of a different concept with a 'Replaces: tag,
something like:

| Patch-name: Debian base patch
| Patch-id: debian
| Architecture: all
| Kernel-version: 2.4.20
| Depends: ptrace, isdnbonding, binfmtmisc, ethernetpadding, ...

| Patch-name: Pre-patch 2.4.21-pre7
| Patch-id: patch-2.4.21-pre7
| Architecture: all
| Kernel-version: 2.4.20
| Replaces: ptrace, ethernetpadding

| Patch-name: AMD64 CVS snapshot
| Patch-id: amd64-20030417
| Architecture: i386, amd64
| Kernel-version: 2.4.20
| Depends: debian, patch-2.4.21-pre7, simicsfs
| Replaces: aic7xxx

> Although that may not look like a big deal, that seems to show that at
> some time a redesign of the interface between make-kpkg and the
> patches themselves would be a good idea.
Yes, in my amd64 kernel-patch package, the first thing I did was introducing
an additional layer to make that interface more flexible. I'll probably
change it to use dh-kpatches, but I wasn't aware of it when I made the

Do you think that make-kpkg and dh-kpatches could/should be merged,
making the dh-kpatches information evaluated by make-kpkg if available, 
or do we need changes beyond that?

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