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Re: debian-exim mailing list?

On Sun, May 25, 2003 at 11:53:31PM +0200, Marc Haber wrote:
> Please note that the mailing list request was filed months ago - well
> before alioth went into service - and that your e-mail is the first
> reaction to the bug report filed.

Yes, I know.

> We actually discussed on the internal exim mailing list whether to move
> the existing mailing list to alioth and decided against doing so for lack
> of a web archive.


> because we didn't hear a single word of reaction to bug #166357

> If Debian would like to offer mailing lists for internal projects,
> response time to requests needs to be MUCH faster.

The listmaster team has in the past had grave difficulties with documenting
proper procedures, even with simply communicating its issues with bug
reports to the submitters.

I would apologize in the name of the team, were it not for the fact I was
not a member of it up to very recently. (There, now that we have the blame
cast off to someone else, can we continue with this conversation normally? :)

The reason there was no action in this particular case is mostly that there
has been no real policy on whether to create lists for each package, and
more importantly, that no need for this list has been shown.

> At the current state of affairs, the time spent with writing the request
> has been a total waste.

I beg to differ... although, never mind, that statement sounds like a simple
knee-jerk reaction.

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