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Re: Very uneven distribution of packages per maintainer

pere@hungry.com (Petter Reinholdtsen) writes:

> [Tollef Fog Heen]
> > So, why do you think having a more even distribution is a good
> > thing?
> Because in Debian there is a few people with high "load" in debian,
> and many with less "load".
I think this is the wrong way to see it.  Since work for Debian is
based on a voluntary basis developers who have mor packages to process
can allow themselves to invest more time and effort into such an
undertaking than others. I'd rather propose to think the other way
round: People with a higher "load" are more likely to work on less
packages and people with a lesser "load" have more time/energy/money
left to work on more packages.
> Of course, the packages per developer is not a perfect indicator of
> "load", but it is an indicator.
Indicating that their maintainers can afford investing more of his/her
time, effort, money, etc. than other people? Yes, definitely!

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