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tagcolledit: first infancy of a GUI editor for package tags


I've started working at a GUI editor for package tags.  It's called
tagcolledit and you can find it in my apt repository:

	deb http://people.debian.org/~enrico/ unstable/$(ARCH)/
	deb http://people.debian.org/~enrico/ unstable/all/
	deb-src http://people.debian.org/~enrico/ unstable/source/

So far it has no editing functions, but it can be used to navigate the
tag database in an original, non-hierarchical way.  It can already be
useful as a way to have alternative views of the tag database, that
could help in having ideas for better tag informations, and then go and
input them at http://debian.vitavonni.de/packagebrowser/ .

I welcome feedback and suggestions, both for navigating the database and
for editing functions.  Only one problem is already known: it's quite
slow when listing large groups of items.



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