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Re: Debian Wiki

On Wed, May 21, 2003 at 07:07:27PM +0200, Alexandre Dulaunoy wrote:
> Why  not  starting  with  phpwiki  ?   We  are  using  it  on  various
> high-volume  site, this is  quite stable  and got  a lot  features and
> don't eat the memory like... (you know ;-)

I'd really like to not have the "Why not use MY favorite Wiki?"
discussion again.  We're using Kwiki because it makes me feel happy, and
I enjoy working with it.  I don't like PHP, and since I have to maintain
it, I want to use something I like.  If/when the Debian admin folks
decide DebianWiki is important enough to be on a d.o server, then they
can decide to keep Kwiki or move to whatever flavor they want.

Thre are lots of wiki bases out there, and they're all more or less the
same in basic concept.  Personal preference plays a HUGE role.  Everyone
will think that the wiki they use elsewhere is the best wiki.  Please
remember, though, that back when Wiki was a single place, not a type of
site, it was a perl script that could easily be hacked to do what needed

Did I mention that Kwiki makes me happy?  I don't mean that like, "I'm
happy enough with this solution" ... I mean, Kwiki makes me happy.  I
smile when using it, and I smile when hacking on it.  It does what a
Wiki is supposed to do, and gives us tons of room to do new stuff.

So, there ya go.  s/phpwiki/yourfavoritewiki/ and that's my answer for
all the questions like this.


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