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Debian port to AMD64 at the Linux Symposium


  I was curious to know if anyone would be any interest among the Debian
developers attending OLS (www.linuxsymposium.org) this summer to discuss
the future of the Debian port to AMD64.  I will be securing us a space
with the organizers, but if there is only a low volume of interested
bodies then we can get together at a pub somewhere.

  And since I am on the topic, I have a few Debian-AMD64 tid-bits to

  - there is a alioth.debian.org project for the purpose of this port


  - there is a temporary mailing list (see CC line) that was setup while
    bug 162668 is being resolved.

  - for those that don't already know, Arnd Bergmann, has done some
    great work in porting the toolchain packages and the kernel; you can
    view them here:


(impatiently awaiting his amd64 hardware)

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