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Re: Answers to "Why is package X not in testing yet?"

On Thursday 15 May 2003 09:51 am, Joe Buck wrote:
> Joe Buck wrote:
> > > However, the output is redundant in many cases.
> On Thu, May 15, 2003 at 08:37:45AM +0200, Björn Stenberg wrote:
> > Fixed now.
> Terrific!  I'm impressed at your bug-fixing speed; there's a quick "fixed
> now" to almost every issue.  This script is a huge contribution.
> I have one more question, but this is probably more about the rules for
> "testing".  The script says
> > Updating fam makes 177 packages uninstallable on alpha: amor, ark,
> > bibletime, dcoppython, eyesapplet, fifteenapplet, galeon-nautilus, ...
> I can't figure out why this is so: why would updating fam break so many
> apparently unrelated packages, but only on alpha?

Architectures are processed alphebetically, so alpha is first.  Most likely 
this breakage would occur on most architectures, if they were checked.

(This should be / is in a FAQ somewhere?)

 - Keegan

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