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Gnome2, libgtk2 & gtk2 apps like gaim / mozilla


Since I while I am forced to shut down my Linux workstation when I leave
my workplace. And since then I noticed that every time I boot again, and
start my X, and open my apps like Gaim and Mozilla, the font used is
HUGE (Helvetica, 12px, or something), while I have set the font to be
Verdana, 9px using gnome-control-center's font-setting dialog.

Changing fontsettings there affects libgtk2-using applications like gaim
& mozilla.

Now, each time I boot and start X, I have to start gnome-control-center
atleast once to have my fonts at my own preferred size. The moment I
doubleclick the 'AaBb'-Font option and the window pops up, my fonts get
set to Verdana, 9px like I want them to be. So, gnome/libgtk2 has stored
it somewhere, it just needs to be activated.

I don't use Gnome2 as a desktop manager, eg. I don't have panels
running, I only use gaim, which links against libgtk2. So the problem is
where gaim (and other libgtk2 using apps) don't start some component
that gnome-control-center does start to load my own preferences.

This is a bug, in my humble opinion. But I am not sure where to report
it. Gaim? Mozilla? One of the hundreth gnome packages? :)
I could use some advise here.

Someone on IRC (IRCName: Tomas Gren, Nick: Stric on #debian-devel) told
me it has to do with the X-servers XSETTINGS extension and pointed me to
a site[1] where I found a tool to 'play around' with this extension. And
indeed, when I run the 'xsettings-client' tool directly after starting
X, there are no settings at all. Then when I start gnome-control-center
and open the fonts dialog, the settings appear and have the correct

So, could anyone please help me decide where to report this, and maybe
solve this? I'm not that good at libgtk2 and the X server :|

I don't think it should be necessary to run the complete gnome2 suite to
have my fonts at my own preference ;)


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