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can touch(1) readonly files

Gentlemen, what's the deal where one can change the dates on read-only files?
$ chmod -w f; touch -d 'next year' f; ls -l f
-r--r--r-- 1 jidanni jidanni 666 2004-05-13 03:02 f

I mean it's tantamount to where a bad guy has spray painted the
paintings in the museum, in my mind.

The info page just says
   "If changing both the access and modification times to the current
time, `touch' can change the timestamps for files that the user running
it does not own but has write permission for.  Otherwise, the user must
own the files."

OK, I suppose legally it mentions my case, but not too explicitly.
Anyway, I suppose the Linux system allows this on purpose.

I mean with my split personality, I need all the protection I can
against myself.  OK, never mind.
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