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Some important orphaned packages

I've orphaned some packages yesterday.  Note that many of these
packages have either outstanding RC bugs or have been NMUed in the
past.  Hence, please fix those RC bugs and properly close bugs tagged
"fixed" so the submitter knows what's going on.

If you want to adopt any of these, check if the package is still
available (i.e., the bug title starts with O:) and retitle them to
ITA: (see http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp); then make an upload,
closing many bugs as well as the WNPP bug.

  #192649: O: libtest-unit-perl -- a unit testing interface for Perl
  #192650: O: ntaim -- curses-based AIM client
  #192651: O: levee -- a very small vi clone
  #192652: O: psh -- interactive shell with the power of perl   
  #192653: O: lprngtool -- GUI frontend to LPRng based /etc/printcap
  #192654: O: nmh -- A set of electronic mail handling programs.
  #192655: O: gps -- Remote gPS poller
  #192656: O: propaganda-debian -- A Propaganda background image volume for Debian.
  #192657: O: fda -- C malloc debug library
  #192658: O: stopafter -- kill commands after a given time
  #192659: O: libpam-smb -- Pluggable Authentication Module allowing Samba interface
  #192660: O: makepasswd -- Generate and encrypt passwords
  #192661: O: hpscanpbm -- HP ScanJet scanning utility
  #192662: O: cronolog -- Logfile rotator for web servers
  #192663: O: dejagnu -- framework for running test suites on software tools.
  #192664: O: oleo -- GNU spreadsheet program
  #192667: O: gtksql -- GTK front end to the postgresql database.
  #192668: O: biff -- a mail notification tool
  #192669: O: timidity-patches -- Instrument files for software-only MIDI sequencer.
  #192670: O: sup -- Software Upgrade Protocol implementation
  #192671: O: synaesthesia -- A program for representing sounds visually
  #192672: O: apcupsd -- APC UPS Power Management
  #192673: O: elvis -- A much improved "vi" editor with syntax highlighting. 
  #192675: O: xtoolwait -- Allows to start X applications serially.
  #192676: O: xlogmaster -- A program to monitor logfiles
  #192677: O: axyftp -- A graphical ftp program with Lesstif interface
  #192678: O: equivs -- Circumventing Debian package dependencies
  #192679: O: xisp -- A user-friendly X interface to pppd/chat. 
  #192681: O: libparagui1.0 -- Standard themes for the widget set library
  #192682: O: dotfile -- The Dotfile Generator tcsh module
  #192683: O: libsdl-mm0.1 -- Development files for SDL C++ wrapper
  #192686: O: dvi2ps -- TeX DVI-driver for NTT jTeX, MulTeX and ASCII ptex.
  #192687: O: lookup -- utility to search text files quickly and powerfully.
  #192688: O: xjdic -- Japanese-English dictionary search program
  #192689: O: edict -- Dictionary of Japanese proper names.
  #192690: O: kanjidic -- A Kanji Dictionary
  #192691: O: dvi2ps-fontdata -- Font data of Adobe Japanese fonts (futomin, futogo, jun101)
  #192696: O: mosixview -- A graphical tool to administrate a mosix cluster
  #192697: O: mosix -- Mosix development files (static library and header files)
  #192698: RFA: openmosix -- Development files for openmosix
  #192699: RFA: openmosixview -- A graphical tool to administrate an openmosix cluster

Martin Michlmayr

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