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Re: Bug#192553: ITP: debianarchist -- info and tools for subversion within the Debian domain.

On Fri, 9 May 2003, John Belmonte wrote:

> Andreas Happe wrote:
> > where are the differences to the anarchism package?
> At the risk of stating the obvious, the anarchism package contains the
> document "An Anarchist FAQ" and is about anarchism.  The debianarchist
> package contains documents and programs from
> http://memebeam.org/debianarchist/ and pertains to debianarchism.

If the debianarchist package will simply contain what's on the website you
gave, I don't really see the point of putting one webpage and script of
dubious point into a debian package.  

Those against archive bloat may wish to take a close look at this one... <g>

- Matt

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