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Re: Emacs - Ispell problem with i[no]german dictionary

I generally do not use anything on things I do not understand.  Obviousely
emacs-ispell ettings belongs to these things.

Just wanted to discard possibilities

Perhaps we have some further influence by system settings I made to get
Euro sign working.

    ~> set | grep -i iso-8859
    ~> grep -v "#" /etc/locale.gen
    de_DE@euro ISO-8859-15
    de_DE ISO-8859-1

but in prinziple I doubt that this has an influence here.

Me too

Does the autogenerated file
/var/cache/dictionaries-common/emacsen-ispell-dicts.el seem to have
something strange in it?

I think not but appended it in the end of this mail.

Looks right, no strange character seems to have made its way into that file for whatever reason

Also, it might worth contacting i{o,n}german maintainer, Roland
Rosenfeld, to have some aditional check on this.

I would do but I just want to make sure that i{o,n}german is the real
reason for this problem.

Anybody else has found this problem?


Seems that unfortunately we are not having more feedback from debian-devel, confirming the problem or not. I am sorry I cannot be of more help here, I really do not know what else test now to try isolating the problem.

Hope anybody else can bring some light to this problem,



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