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Re: Pulling data in for package build

On 9 May 2003, Elizabeth Barham wrote:

>    The "software" mentioned above is a set of source files that are
> compiled into an executable. Once it is compiled into an executable,
> the executable is run which reads the data and builds the
> database. That is basically the executable's entire function although
> it does fill a small niche.
So you might consider the following:
   - Use a common source archive of data+prog.
   - In the build process of the package build prog at first.
   - Use the prog binary to create the database in its final form
   - Install only the final database into the binary Debian package.

>    The data is needed for the installation because the data is
> basically all that is installed except it is transformed into a
> different format; instead of installing a series of text files from the
> FDA's website, the database file(s) are installed on the end user's
> machine.
So we do neighter need the raw data nor the prog in a Debian
binary package.

>    The "Software" - or executables - are not installed on the
> end-user's machine; the binary package consist solely of a database and
> its support files (mostly documentation) all of which should work on
> any architecture which Berkeley DB 3 has been ported.
Good thing that it is architecture independent.

> Thank you for your input,
You are welcome


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