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Re: debiandesktop.net

Romel Sandoval <romelsp@yahoo.com> writes:

> I have see the effors that some people are doing to make Debian more attractive
> for Desktop users <http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-desktop>. And I think
> that more than themes and user interface modifications could be done.
> Im thinking in a nicer home page, designed for desktop users. Some kind of
> debiandesktop.net that could be like msn its for Microsoft or .mac for Apple.
> That way we could have a better starting point for debian desktop users without
> having to modify the original debian.org
> Of course Im willing to help
> What you think about it?
> Excuse my English Im not a native speaker

Have you see debianhelp.org?  Maybe it's a little of what you are
looking for?, of course, more of like free software sort of that kind
of site.


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