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Re: Bug#192416: ITP: rsh-redone -- Reimplementation of remote shell tools.

On Thu, 8 May 2003 23:22, Oliver Kurth wrote:
> This rsh replacement would make sense if CPU time is crucial, eg. for
> small, embedded devices, or if you want to copy files over a Gigabit
> network.

If I had more spare time I'd make a modification to ssh such that if scp was 
run as rcp it would use all the usual scp mechanisms for passwords etc, and 
then just send MD5 signed data through in clear-text after the connection is 
established.  Then when the data was transferred it would use the ssh 
encryption mechanisms to confirm that the data was received with the correct 

This would give almost the same speed as the original rcp (MD5 is almost 
always faster than your hard drive), have better error checking (it would 
suck if rcp corrupted your file due to a network error), and not have any 
password issues.

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