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Re: Font uglification after apt-get upgrade EXPLAINED

On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 05:05:45PM +0200, Massimo Dal Zotto wrote:
> > The Type1 Helvetica font distributed with XFree86 looks like ass.  I
> > don't know if this is the font's fault (bad hinting) or the fault of the
> > Type1 rasterizer (bad code).
> Are you speaking of XF86Config Type1 fonts or the gsfonts-x11 fonts?

I'm speaking of xfonts-scalable, not gsfonts-x11.  I had this problem
on a box where I don't even have gsfonts-x11 installed, which pretty
much rules it out.

> I had a font uglification problem with Tk after installing the gsfonts-x11
> package, which provide a set of very ugly Type1 fonts with names like
> Helvetica, Times, etc.

If these fonts look fine in other contexts, it may really be the Type1
rasterizer in XFree86 that is the culprit.  No one has maintained it for
years, and it is not even feature-complete ("Beziers this big not yet

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