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Re: Getting hostname


> Have you tried 
>   host --version

With package host:

holger@myhost:~$ host --version
host version 991529

With package bind9-host:

holger@myhost:~$ host --version
host: illegal option -- -
host: illegal option -- e
host: illegal option -- s
host: illegal option -- i
host: illegal option -- o
Usage: host [-aCdlrTwv] [-c class] [-n] [-N ndots] [-t type] [-W time]
            [-R number] hostname [server]
       -a is equivalent to -v -t *
       -c specifies query class for non-IN data
       -C compares SOA records on authoritative nameservers
       -d is equivalent to -v
       -l lists all hosts in a domain, using AXFR
       -n Use the nibble form of IPv6 reverse lookup
       -N changes the number of dots allowed before root lookup is done
       -r disables recursive processing
       -R specifies number of retries for UDP packets
       -t specifies the query type
       -T enables TCP/IP mode
       -v enables verbose output
       -w specifies to wait forever for a reply
       -W specifies how long to wait for a reply


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