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Re: Debian Calendar Files

Andreas Tille wrote:
> > I wouldn't want to add a crontab entry per default, just as there is
> > none for the current bsdmainutils.  The administrator or each user
> > needs to decide on their own if and how to use calendar in connection
> > with crontab.
> Why not?  At least a debconf question whether to install a crontab
> entry or not would make sense, IMHO.

Because I don't like to be spammed by what the system administrator
of the system calls important.  Guess I've got an account on 10 Debian
boxes with 10 different admins.  If only three decide to turn this on,
I'd get (more or less) the same mail three times at least.  Each day.
Each week.  Each month.  Each year.

I'd rather configure this on a per-user basis.



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