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Bug#191804: general: /usr/share/doc/*/copyright wastefully duplicated

Package: general
Version: unavailable; reported 2003-05-04
Severity: minor

Gentlemen, do
$ ls -og /usr/share/doc/*/copyright|sort -k 3n
Notice: all of the files have just a link count of 1 whereas there are
many that are just in fact the same file.

OK, at least some must be the same as /usr/share/common-licenses/*,
therefore they should simply be symlinked to there.

OK, at least they could be symlinked to the version of the license
that they use, if for some reason linking to "latest version" is not
good enough.

e.g. of
  Directory /usr/share/common-licenses/
  Artistic  BSD  GPL@  GPL-2  LGPL@  LGPL-2  LGPL-2.1 
a package could link to GPL-2 if they felt that just linking to GPL
 might misrepresent their feeling in the future.

I'm just trying to save bytes here and there.

Wait, maybe /usr/share/doc/fortunes-debian-hints/copyright is an
example of the smallest things can reasonably get. hmmm. ok.
-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux debian 2.4.20-k7 #1 Tue Jan 14 00:29:06 EST 2003 i686
Locale: LANG=zh_TW.Big5, LC_CTYPE=zh_TW.Big5

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