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Re: debian.org machine with pbuilder/debootstrap?

On May  2, Junichi Uekawa (dancer@netfort.gr.jp) wrote:
 > Hi,
 > > AFAIK, I cannot install packages on a d.o machine to satisfy build
 > > dependencies, because I don't have root permission.  pbuilder with appropriate
 > > sudo permissions for all DDs would suffice, but it is usually not installed.
 > > So, is there any alternative for installing packages to satisfy build-deps
 > > other than sending email to debian-admin?
 > Giving appropriate sudo permission for pbuilder for DDs is 
 > almost equivalent to giving root permission to every DD. :P

As far as being able to install packages in the chroot, that's obviously what
I'd want pbuilder for.  But, in what other ways does the user get the
equivalent of root permission such that he could do nasty things?  It seems if
pbuilder uses chroot, it should be possible to set up an environment that is
just as safe as the chroots we use on those same machines now.  Is it not?

Neil Roeth

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