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Re: New virtual package: festival-voice (bug#112565)! -> Debian module policies


On Thu, 01 May 2003 18:23:06 +0000, Martin Albert wrote:
> A virtual package alone doesn't gain you anything here and is plain
> wrong IMHO.

Yes it does. It allows me to not change the festival package, which
hitherto depended on (list | of | known | voices), if/when a new voice is

I agree that depending on the package which contains the library or
application you call, instead of a dependency of that package which may or
may not pull the package itself in, is a Good Thing. However, IMHO that is
common sense... or should be. You have to draw the line _somewhere_ WRT
what is or isn't written down explicitly in Policy.

I'd further suggest that you rewrite your long message to be somewhat more
concise (and let it stand on its own instead of hanging off a thread it
doesn't directly relate to, since I didn't commit the mistake you seem to
write about) because frankly, I had a hard time understanding what the point is
supposed to be.


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