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aag - wrapper for apt-get with support for recommend and suggests field

Hi folks, 

i have written a small wrapper for apt-get that makes it possible to
install all recommended and/or suggested Packages for a Package too. 
A simple Call of: aag -rs <package> would install all recommended and
suggested Packages for <package>. The Code isn't very nice, but it works
fine for me. I other people are interested in using this wrapper I would
clean the code up and insert some features. Just take a look at:
Its just a small Perlscript with getopts and pod2usage as dependencys. 

I would be pleased to hear some comments from you. 

sincerly formorer

Alexander "formorer" Wirt       KeyID: BC7D020A
EMail: formorer@formorer.de     ICQ: 28651245
WWW: http://www.formorer.de
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