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Debian Miniconf3 @ LCA2004: be there!

The dates for LCA2004 in Adelaide (South Australia) have now been
finalised, and the Amazing Touring Debian Miniconf Orchestra And Review
is about to get underway all over again.

There's much more to follow, but preliminary info is online at


As with previous events, the Debian Miniconf is being run as a prelude
to Linux Conf Australia (lca2004.linux.org.au). Anyone who registers for
LCA is welcome to come along and spend a couple of extra days hanging
out with fellow Debianites. The last Miniconf was great fun and showed
how strongly Debian is represented among very technical Linux users,
with fully a third of the attendees at LCA also turning up for the
Debian Miniconf! A survey at LCA showed Debian was by far the dominant
distro, with RedHat a distant second much to Alan Cox's dismay.

So if you can possibly make it to Adelaide next January, do it. You
won't regret it.

Also, while I've already got a couple of speakers lined up I'm going to
need quite a few more, so if you've got an idea for a presentation just
pop along to www.debconf.org/miniconf3/cfp/ and submit a paper proposal.

See you there!


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