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Re: experimental conffile merge for dpkg

Jarno Elonen (2003-04-27 14:16:02 +0300) :

> If we can agree wether or not, how and where the original conffiles
> should be saved, I'll be happy to implement 3-way merging to dpkg
> and write imediff3 as a user friendly UI for it. Opinions?

Unrelated to this diff thing, it's going to be a big help for people
who inadvertantly remove conffiles and can't restore them (or even
defaults) even with apt-get --reinstall install <package>.

  There might be things to think about though: some packages have lots
of conffiles, and that could mean some extra disk space, which not
everyone will want to spend.  Maybe make it optional.

Roland Mas

'ALL your base? No!! One tiny base continue bravely to resist.'
  -- <wiggy> in #debian-devel

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