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Re: OpenEXR packages

On Sat, 26 Apr 2003, Matthew Palmer wrote:

> Looks like you've even got two to choose from:
> * #178165: ITP: openexr -- High dynamic-range image format for computer
> imaging 
> Package: wnpp; Severity: wishlist; Reported by: Jay Bonci <jay@bonci.com>;
> 91 days old. 
> * #178317: ITP: openexr -- A high dynamic-range image file format by ILM 
> Package: wnpp; Severity: wishlist; Reported by: Andrew Lau
> <netsnipe@debianplanet.org>; 90 days old. 
> Have you contacted either (or both) of the people listed in these bug
> reports to ask them what's going on?  That's probably a better way to find
> out if there are problems in the packaging (although if there were problems,
> the prospective packager should have contacted you about them).

I haven't contacted Andrew because I had the impression that he was going 
to give Jesus a chance to be the Debian maintainer.

I pinged Jesus about a month ago, and he said that he was making changes
requested by the filmgimp maintainer, who apparently is Andrew.

I'm not trying to air dirty laundry, so I guess I'll contact them both
privately and see if I can help get things rolling.  Thanks.


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