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Re: libpng breakages

Le ven 25/04/2003 à 14:38, JC Wong a écrit :

> But is that possible to get libpng2-dev and libpng12-0-dev both
> installed? Since libqt3-mt-dev depend on libpng12-0-dev and its needed
> for my Licq.While other of my gnome appz depend on gdk-imlib need
> libpng2-dev as well.Is confusing me here.

Generally, applications linking with libpng will use png.h and -lpng,
and there is no way to tell which version to choose, that's the reason
why you can't install libpng2-dev and libpng12-dev together.

That's the primary reason for libpng10-dev : you can install it together
with libpng12-dev, but applications will still link to libpng12 by
default. You need to tell them explicitly to use the right headers and
libraries, using libpng10-config or pkg-config, if you want to build
them with libpng10 (formerly libpng2).

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