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Re: Some questions about dependencies

Simon Huggins wrote:
> I have a feeling you want to discover update_output.txt

Thanks, I have looked at it before but apparently not enough. Some followup

update_output.txt says:

trying: cfitsio
skipped: cfitsio (1144+9)
    got: 13+0: a-4:a-9
    * arm: fv, libcfitsio-dev, libcfitsio2

If I'm reading /devel/testing right, this means libcfitsio2 becomes
uninstallable on arm if cfitsio goes into testing. But libcfitsio2 is part of
cfitsio. What does this mean?

Later it says:

trying: cfitsio
accepted: cfitsio
   ori: 55+0: a-4:a-6:h-6:i-7:i-4:m-4:m-6:m-6:p-3:s-4:s-5
   pre: 54+0: a-4:a-5:h-6:i-7:i-4:m-4:m-6:m-6:p-3:s-4:s-5
   now: 54+0: a-4:a-5:h-6:i-7:i-4:m-4:m-6:m-6:p-3:s-4:s-5
  most: (110) .. xmms-msa xplanet xprint-xprintorg xwelltris/arm xwelltris/mips zope zsh-beta ztutils aolserver-nscache/arm aolserver-nsencrypt/arm apmd auto-apt bbappconf bbpager bincimap blender blt boost brltty cfitsio

What does this mean? Accepted, yet still breaks a bunch of packages? Is this the attempt to add it, showing what breaks? Then why is cfitsio on the list?

Other confusing entries:

trying: tcpdump
skipped: tcpdump (1074+1)
    got: 6+0: a-6
    * alpha: dhcpdump, tcpdump

trying: libpcap
skipped: libpcap (792+231)
    got: 75+0: a-75
    * alpha: [...] tcpdump [...]

Adding the new libpcap apparently breaks tcpdump, yet 
http://packages.qa.debian.org/t/tcpdump.html says tcpdump is waiting for the
new version of libpcap?

I'd like to read the source so I can find out some of the details from that. Where should I start? I've looked at http://cvs.debian.org/testing/?cvsroot=dak but which files are ran where, and when? A peek at a relevant crontab or such would be helpful.

And, yes, I intend to write some sort of friendly help page once I manage to wrap my head around this.



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