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Re: Bug#189370: acknowledged by developer (irrelevant)

* Atsuhito Kohda

> I don't know how you create texmf.cnf but it would be enough
> if you create it in Debian and distribute it to other machines

  Jesus.  You still haven't got the point.  Repeat after me:
 "I am *NOT* permitted to make that decision on behalf of the user."

 > On the other hands, in Debian which is an association of 
 > volunteers, a developer can package any DFSG-free TeX components 
 > or DFSG-free extra fonts packages freely so we need an infra-structure
 > which provides dynamic texmf.cnf etc. so that every such extra 
 > packages can modify texmf.cnf in order that they could be installed and 
 > work without problem.  I believe this is our (tetex-mantainers') duty.

  I'm not a TeX user, but why can't you have a /etc/texmf.d/ directory
 where the other packages can drop their texmf.cnf fragments (like
 logrotate has, for instance), which is then included from the static

Tore Anderson

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