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Problem with fwbuilder on machine without X-Free

I am not quite sure whether this is a bug, or just that I am asking for
something unreasonable.  But here goes anyway.

I installed a machine to act as a firewall today, using Debian stable.
I did not install X-Free on it as the machine is a touch underpowered 
for that.  So I though I will install fwbuilder and use it remotely
using ssh -X.  I am running kernel 2.4.18 on this machine so I wanted
to use iptables.

So I used apt-get to install fwbuilder-iptables which duely dragged in
all the other bits it thought I needed.  But from a remote console I 
could not issue "ssh -X firewall fwbuilder" because it kept saying that
the display was not authorised.  So I turned on ssh -v and watched the 
messages, and it mentioned that it could not find xauth.  So I looked
up the package for xauth and that is xbase-clients, and sure enough
that had not been dragged in by the dependancy chain for fwbuilder.
When I installed xbase-clients sure enough fwbuilder worked remotely
through ssh -X.

Now I suspect that this is not a problem with fwbuilder's dependancies,
but I am not quite sure whose problem it is.

Any ideas?


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