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Re: plagiarism of reiserfs by Debian

On Tue, Apr 22, 2003 at 03:53:17PM +1000, Martin Pool wrote:
> Note that reiserfsprogs-3.6.4-4.diff has in fact not moved the credits
> to another file, but *removed them entirely*.  The sponsors of the
> program are not mentioned at all in the Debian package.  This is
> unconscionable.

You seem to be equating author credits with sponsorship credits, as if
removing sponsorship credits is on a level with, say, removing copyright
notices and the author's name.  Removing the name of the person who paid
for a program to be written is not the same as removing the name of the
person who wrote it.[1]

(Hans goes further, and claims that Debian is taking credit for the
tools, which is, as far as I can tell, a simple lie.)

[1] perhaps this is not the case legally--certainly not if he had
assigned copyright to a sponsor--but we're speaking of morals, not law

Glenn Maynard

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