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Removal of Pike 0.6 and hence Roxen 1.3 from Debian GNU/Linux imminent

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First let me apologise for the big crosspost to all the different
user lists (and the Roxen list), but I wanted to make sure it got
to as many as possible that might care.
Please make sure that any (!) reply on this goes to the debian-devel
list, NOT to the user lists (which I don't participate in).

Marek Habersack (pike maintainer in Debian GNU/Linux) and I (the Roxen
maintainer) have over the last year discussed the removal of Pike
version 0.6. The reason for the initial discussions was that Marek
didn't 'feel like' maintaining a dead product. Now, it's even worse!

- From the mouth of Marek:

Hey Turbo,

  We've gotta do something with the pike packages. I'm having severe
problems with 0.6 and 7.0. The former doesn't install at all, the latter
fails to compile on ARM - in the tree optimizer. I'm not likely to get any
support on the latter and it's starting getting to a point where it almost
doesn't make sense maintaining the dead corpses. Maybe it's time to make the
decision and get rid of Roxen 1.3? Caudium can really replace it, so I no
real problem with it - especially that the response to your query some time
ago was null. As for Pike 7.0 - you need it for Roxen 2.0, right? Are you
sure it won't work with Pike 7.2?

With this, and the fact when we (I) first officially discussed the removal
of Roxen 1.3, I got two or three mails of people that wanted to keep it!

I haven't done any security release or anything of Roxen 1.3 over the last
year or two, so I see no point in keeping it. Also, the development of
version 1.3 ended 'a couple of years ago' (can't remember exactly, but it
was 'a very long time' ago).

When it comes to Roxen 2.1 (needs Pike 7.0 and won't work with Pike 7.2
without major changes), I still use it personaly (don't like the MySQL
installation in Roxen 3.3 - it's on the way, but don't hold your breath
about this) so something have to be done on getting it compiling on ARM.
Either that, or I get on with the packaging of Roxen 3.3 (almost finished

Now, the reason for this cross-post. Roxen 1.3 is going by-by. No mail or
complaints will change this. I want every one of you that still use Roxen
1.3 to quickly start looking at Caudium. There is no reason why Caudium
wouldn't work as a drop in replacement of Roxen 1.3. It is (really _was_)
Roxen 1.3!

To clearify. This affects the unstable (Sid) and testing (Sarge) releases
of Debian GNU/Linux. It does NOT affect the current stable (Woody). But a
release of Sarge (next Debian GNU/Linux version) is closing rapidly...

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