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Recently orphaned packages

Here's a listing of packages I orphaned recently.  If you're
interested in any, check the bug report if the package is still
available and retitle the bug (see http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp
for instructions).

Bug#189528: O: ttfprint -- A utility to print Chinese text using truetype fonts
Bug#189529: O: ccf -- Chinese encodings (GB/Big5/HZ) conversion filter
Bug#189530: O: cedicttools -- Various tools to use with the CEDict data
Bug#189525: O: doc-linux-zh-s -- Linux HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs in Simplified Chinese in HTML
Bug#189524: O: cedictb5 -- Chinese/English dictionary data file (Big5)
Bug#189523: O: cce -- Console Chinese Environment - display Chinese (GB) on console
Bug#189522: O: xautolock -- start a program if the X session is idle for some time
Bug#189526: O: lpkg -- Newton MessagePad PDA Package Loader
Bug#189527: O: zh-sgmltools -- A wrapper for SGMLtools to process Chinese
Bug#189531: O: cedictgb -- Chinese/English dictionary data file (GB)
Bug#189800: O: t1lib -- Type 1 font rasterizer library - runtime
Bug#189801: O: sphinx2 -- speech recognition library - default acoustic model
Bug#189809: O: ptknettools -- A selection of Internet service clients written in Perl/Tk
Bug#189810: O: slmon -- A simple S-Lang based system performance monitor
Bug#189813: O: csl -- Common Sound Layer
Bug#189819: O: wmcdplay -- A CD player based on ascd designed for WindowMaker
Bug#189818: O: bg5cc -- Big-5 wide-characters rectifier
Bug#189817: O: cxterm -- KS supporting files for CXterm
Bug#189820: O: glide -- development files for libglide3
Bug#189952: O: device3dfx -- Device driver source for 3Dfx boards for 2.2+ kernels
Bug#189816: O: bg5ps -- A utility to print Chinese Big5/GB documents using TrueType fonts

Martin Michlmayr

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