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Re: anti-spam trick for debian ml (was Re: News about the Package Tracking System)

> > I just made an important change to PTS. Since the PTS email adresses
> > have been available on the web, they start collecting a significant
> > quantity of spam. As a first measure to avoid them I decided that any
> > email sent directly to the PTS should be auto-approved. Auto-approval is
> > easy, you just have to add an "X-PTS-Approved" header with a non-empty
> > value. If you don't do that, you get a bounce (and the bounce explains
> > you how to auto-approve your message).
> >
> why not use this trick also for posts to debian mailing lists?

Is there some reason why TMDA isn't being used?  We've used this at
Xiph.org for the mailing lists for quite some time now, and I don't
think a single spam has gotten through yet.  

It's somewhat similar what what you discuss above, but a lot more user


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