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Re: Do we need policy changes?

Nikolai Prokoschenko <nikolai@prokoschenko.de> writes:

> My problem was: everybody was acting like mad, screaming "at last,
> some good fonts for linux!", whereas, as far as I remember, these
> fonts lacks many many scripts, starting with the simpliest ones like
> Cyrillic. I don't even want to mention double-width characters. The

What do you suggest?

Shouldn't we package these fonts before they are of use to everybody?

> used by me, as I need e.g. both German and Russian. I can as well file
> a bug against it, but it wouldn't matter much, as the maintainer would
> just say 'it's not supported upstream' and nothing would happen. Other

What do you suggest?

Well at least the maintainer should probally forward the bug
upstream and mark it forwarded. Not that this alone would help very

The only way to really improve the general situation is if someone who
cares does the work. For exampel the IPv6-developers has done a lot of
work this way. Finding packages with disabled IPv6-support finding
patches and pushing them upward a that kind of stuff. You as
utf8-interrested have to do the same to improve the situation.

> language environments had been (I'm just speculating) a part of Debian
> Policy. In that case, package at least could have been marked as
> 'non-functioning under non-latin circumstances' and this could

We have the BTS for this kind of information. 

And why should we pull packages that works 95% of the time? That would
be damaging. Please find some way to improve the situation without
doing great harm to those statisfied with status quo.

If you force people to put a lot of work in something they don't want
they are going to be even more resisting changes. 

> Thank you for your time, and you want to tell me I'm paranoid, don't
> bother, it is not worth your time :) Better tell me what I might have
> missed in the observing the subject.

I doesn't think any of the above counts as paranoia which obvious
doesn't mean that you aren't paranoid. What you have missed? Probally
some basic facts of how stuff is done with the least damage.

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